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Spray Foam as Art- Endless Possibilities

This Halloween, I decided to use spray foam to create some seasonal art pieces.  Our first attempt was a spider.  We used a plastic 55 gallon as the base, black corrugated drain tile as the legs, and 2 glass yard … Continue reading

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Dominion Conservation Classroom- Saving Energy Made Simple

Dominion Classroom – Fact Sheet2011 Thanks to a grant from Dominion Power, The Dominion Conservation Classroom is open for business.  Yesterday, I participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Virginia State Fair to launch this interactive, highly efficient space.  … Continue reading

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Disney World- Earth Friendly and Fun!

Glad to be back! Mickey and the gang wore us out……I spent last week with my entire family (including mother and in-laws) in Orlando for the annual ICAA Trade Show and Convention.  Insulation Contractor’s Association of America gets together every … Continue reading

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