5 Helpful Tips for DIY Spray Foam Insulation


With the proper tools and protective gear, you can insulate smaller spaces in your home — such as a crawl space or attic — all by yourself. At the Home Energy Store, we sell DIY insulation kits that include a low-pressure sprayer, portable tanks of spray foam, and the proper safety paraphernalia you’ll need for your project. Before starting, make sure you thoroughly read the instructions enclosed in your kit. Below are five additional tips to help your project go as smoothly as possible:

Practice makes perfect.
The protective gear that is needed to install spray foam installation can feel awkward and cumbersome if you are not used to it. Practice wearing the protective gear before you start your project. You’ll quickly learn how to move in it and prevent unnecessary mistakes while you’re working.

Stay hydrated.
Installing spray foam is hard work. Often, the crawl space or attic you are insulating will feel hot and stuffy, especially with your extra protective layers on. Drink at least 24 ounces of water before beginning your project to prevent dehydration.

Layer up.
During the installation, your disposable gloves are likely to get covered in foam, rip, or stick to something. By wearing an extra layer of disposable gloves, you can easily pull one off and still have adequate protection underneath.

Buy some spares.
No matter how hard you try, you will get spray foam on you during the installation. It is unavoidable. This foam will not come off! Be sure to buy spares of all protective gear, including jumpsuits, gloves, and safety glasses, so if something gets clouded or covered with foam specks, you can quickly put on a new pair.

Make a fashion statement.
Wear an old pair of shorts with pockets over your Tyvek suit so you can carry paper towels, spare spray nozzles, spare gloves and safety glasses. You’ll be glad for the extra pockets once your project begins.

These tips originally appeared in a project summary by a Creative Conservation customer, Dr. Tim Taylor. Read the original post here.

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