Celebrating National Water Quality Month

Summer is a time when many people are enjoying water in some form or fashion. Whether you’re swimming in the ocean, kayaking down the James, fishing in your favorite lake, or simply enjoying a few giant glasses of water in the hot, hot sun – water is all around us. Since August is National Water Quality Month, it’s a good time to consider ways to contribute to keeping our water clean and safe (a lesson we should carry with us year-round).

landscape-forest-nature-blue-water_defaultHere are some easy tips that you can make a part of your daily routine from the Natural Resources Defense Council:

1. Choose gravel over asphalt when possible. Porous surfaces can stop pollution streams when it rains.

2. Never flush nondegradable products. They can throw a huge wrench into the sewage treatment process and wind up littering beaches and water.

3. Don’t let paint, used oil, chemical cleaners, or other questionable household products go down the drain. These items contain toxic ingredients we don’t want in our water supply.

4. Pick up after your dog. You’re not just being a good neighbor – scooping up pet waste keeps bacteria from running into storm drains and water supplies.

5. Be a careful car owner. Perform regular maintenance to reduce nasty liquid emission, and go to the car wash – they have drain systems that keep the bad water in check.

You can read more the full article here.

Remember – water is essential to life. Let’s do what we can to keep it clean!

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