Foam Insulation Pioneer- Big Tom Sprouse

In 1981 Tom and Lynda Sprouse set to out form an insulation company.  In times when unemployment was over 9%, and mortgage rates were close to 18%, people told them they were crazy!  But Tom had a dream- a dream that began in 1977 when he witnessed then Governor Ronald Reagan make a speech concerning energy independence and the importance of conservation.

Unlike the latest movement among insulation companies to add foam insulation as a reaction to market demands, Creative Conservation began with a foam truck.  The Sprouses revolutionized the “Flash and Batt System”- 1/2 inch closed cell foam covered with fiberglass batt. This system, 2001 Insulation System, was branded by Creative Conservation in 1983.  This was the spring board for using foam in various ways- cold storage, tanks, roof decks, conditioned crawls- if it needed insulating, foam could do it. 

Today, spray foam continues to lead the way as the choice for people who want to insulate right.  There are more options than ever before- open cell, closed cell, pour foam, and injection foam.  While foam still holds less than 5% of residential insulation sales, it is fast becoming widely accepted as the best choice for insulation. Go Foam- Tom will be glad you did!

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