Foamed Attics Keep Out the Heat

As summer approaches, our attic temperatures are beginning to rise.  Pull down your access and head into your attic on an 80 degree day and you will find attic temperatures often over 100 degrees.  This intense heat is hard on clothes, Christmas decorations, antiques, and especially candles.  It also is the most common space that your HVAC unit is placed in.  This creates a hostile environment for pumping cold air- adding strain on your unit, condensation on your duct work, and decreased comfort in your home,.  This “hot room” also conducts throughout the rest of your home, causing your HVAC system to run longer and drive utility bills up.

There is a system and solution to all of these hot attic issues.  By using Icynene Spray Foam on the underside of your roof deck, you raise the thermal barrier to fight the fight at the source.  The foam stops the majority of the radiant heat transfer that occurs in the attic.  This attic stays with in 12 degrees of the rest of the home, creating a friendly environment for storage and your HVAC system.  Natural duct leakage is no longer loss to the outside, meaning that you are semi-conditioning this space while your air conditioning is running.  By eliminating the “hot room” on top of your house, comfort is greatly increased in the rest of the home.  Utility bills are lowered as the unit runs less, less running means you also extend the life of your HVAC system.  Turn your attic into an energy efficient , comfortable, storage space- with spray foam you can do just that!


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