How To Throw An Environmentally-Friendly Party

The Big Game is coming up this Sunday! Who will you be cheering for – the Panthers or the Broncos?

American football.

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, you’re probably knee-deep in the planning process. There’s food to be bought, drinks to be served, and most likely a need for utensils, napkins, etc. As with any party, there is a potential for a lot of waste left over when the day is done. Tons of waste comes out of Super Bowl parties – so how can you throw a party and stay environmentally conscious? We gathered some tips for you:

Don’t use disposable utensils. Plastic knives and forks are used once then tossed in the trash, to forever live in landfills. Use your everyday utensils for guests – that includes plates and glassware, too!

Preplan for recycling your plastics. Any plastics that you do use can easily be recycled. Make sure you know where to take the them after the party is over – community programs, grocery and retail chains, etc.

Make your waste and recycle bins visible. You’ll want the receptacles to be clearly marked, making clean-up easier for you. Also, let your guests know that you’re trying to collect less waste.

Share the leftovers with your friends. Have clean containers ready so at the end of the party, guests can take some food home with them. That reduces your leftovers and ensures that all the food goes the extra mile.

Stay away from the party section while shopping. There is no need to buy disposable tablecloths and decorations that you will only use once. That way, you won’t have to dispose of them!

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have a fun party while being kind to the Earth!


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