Rain Barrels: The Ultimate Water Conservation Tool

Water conservation is important to preserve our fresh water supply. Lawn and garden watering make up nearly 40% of total household water usage during the summer months. One way to curb this tap water usage is to collect and store rainwater from rooftops for lawn and garden use. You can establish an effective rainwater system using rain barrels. Rain barrels are large gallon drums that hold rainwater, and are generally placed under a downspout or gutter to collect the water.

rainbarrelsAdvantages of Rain Barrels:

  • Water is always available when you need it during potential droughts
  • The water contains no harmful chemicals, making it ideal for an assortment of situations (watering gardens, car washing, etc.)
  • Can save about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months, which saves homeowners money and energy
  • Inexpensive to set up
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain

You can pick up a rain barrel at the Home Energy Store location. We would be happy to help you get started with your rain barrel system and answer any questions you may have.






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