Spray Foam as Art- Endless Possibilities

This Halloween, I decided to use spray foam to create some seasonal art pieces.  Our first attempt was a spider.  We used a plastic 55 gallon as the base, black corrugated drain tile as the legs, and 2 glass yard mushrooms as the eyes.  Assisted by Artist Nelson Menjivar, we created a spider using 2lb spray polyurethane foam.  “The Asphalt Monster”, named for it’s  appearnace of literally coming out of the asphalt,  has created quite a buzz around town.  Spider, monster, even a “walrus with dread locks”, is just some of the fun Ashland townspeople have had with this unique project.

Our next Halloween project was a 30 gallon beer and drink cooler.  We took a 30 gallon metal trash can and covered it with 2 inches of 2lb spray polyurethane foam.  Even the lid is foamed in place and then cut to fit!  The superior insulating power of the foam allows ice to keep for 5 days!  I painted the cooler orange and added a jack-o-lantern face.    The cooler was a hit at the Ashland Arts Walk.

Look for exciting new art projects coming to the Home Energy Store soon.  We look forward to creating future seasonal decorations, as well as opther interesting pieces of art.  If you have an idea of how to use spray foam in your project, please forward all comments!


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