What is Home Energy Store?

I am often asked, What is Home Energy Store?  The idea really started about 6 years ago- when talking with my dad I asked him if he thought a retail location for saving energy would work.  I really do not remember what he said, but I know he did not shoot the idea down.

Some twenty plus years ago, my mom and dad created The Energy Design Center.  It was an interactive display center built in our warehouse that featured open wall cavaties, vaulted ceilings, windows, and doors- all designed to show home builders and home buyers what upgraded choices were available for insulation systems.  Customers come to our location to see what their builder uses- or what they can use if they are building their own home.  It is still used today and is  a valuable sales tool.  It was the predecessor to Home Energy Store.

Home Energy Store’s mission statement is to provide practical energy-saving, earth-friendly, and conservation products and services with a focus on education, art, and environmental responsibility.  We want to assist home owners in designing the best insulation and conservation package for their home.  We also offer a full line of home decor products that are local, earth- friendly, natural and recycled.  We take energy conservation very serious.  We have success stories of providing 50% reduction in heating and cooling costs!

In my heart, I know the real reason that we created Home Energy Store was a tribute to my dad.  His vision, marketing savvy, and desire to “insulate anything” is the inspiration for Home Energy Store.  Our line of retail supports the message we are preaching, and keeps Tom’s daughter actively involved.  I asked my mom what she thought dad would think about Home Energy Store- he answer- “he would think we were crazy- but would love to be involved”.  That’s all I need to hear.



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